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After you got your MP3 Player, you may want to have additional feature with it and you would like to increase the performance of the device. This is the time you start doing survey on the internet, look at other people review , comparing pricing and find out where you can get good deal for your MP3 Player accessory. There are plenty of websites on the internet, showing and telling you all kinds of accessories work with an MP3 player. We have reviewed some accessories you can consider, with reasonable price and good quality for you to enjoy with your MP3 Player.

Different Types of Accessories

There are various types of accessories you can connect to a MP3 player, depending on your budget and expectation. Apple iPod being the most popular MP3 player in the market, you will be able to see many types of accessories offering to work with the iPod. Apart from iPod’s accessory, if you do not own one, you may want to see accessories that work with other MP3 players. You would like to see the rating of each accessory, buying guides, tips or tutorials if you can get this kind of information. Here, we list down some of them we have reviewed and you can use it as your buying choices when you do your online shopping.


Normally the Headphone bundle with the MP3 player is of average quality type. This is to ensure the overall pricing you pay is not on the high side. If you wish to have a higher performance headphone, you will need to purchase additionally. There are many e-commerce websites offer great selection of Headphone for you to review, before you choose the perfect accessory for your running or gym exercise or other usage.

Sony XB950B1 Wireless Headphone
Click above picture to see the headphone review

If your MP3 player has no Bluetooth function, you may consider getting a Bluetooth Audio Jack Adapter to interface with it. Headphone has various types including In-ear Headphone or over-the-head headphone.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

With this device you can stream your MP3 songs wirelessly to the car FM stereo system. For newer model of MP3 player, Bluetooth feature has become the standard but not for those older models on the market. If yours happen to be an old MP3 Player, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth FM Transmitter to play MP3 songs on your car audio system.

Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

External Speaker

Sony has introduced a new portable wireless speaker SRS-XB10/Red. There are optional Bluetooth Speaker you can consider. For some people, they store all their songs on the MP3 Player and they prefer to play song from it while doing other things at home or office. In this case, they would prefer an external speaker to connect with the MP3 player.
There are various types of external speaker on the market, depending on the audio performance and power rating. Each speaker has its own unique features and characteristics. Visit any of the e-commerce sites and you will be able to select one you like.


This is good when you go for running or visiting your gym. However, our advice is choose one which has strength resistance because when running or exercising there will be some pulls happening at the armband. The armband may be torn after your strenuous exercise, therefore choose the type with good quality. Washable type will be ideal as there will be sweat during the run, and this may contain smelly odor after the run. You will want to have a wash of the armband after the run.

Armband for MP3 Player

Memory Card

microSD card is more commonly used because of the small size of MP3 Player. When shopping for a microSD card, you need to determine which speed class you require, e.g. class 10 or class 2 or 4 or 6. Storage capacity can go up to 64GB for a microSD card. By storing the MP3 songs on the external microSD card, you can free up the internal memory on the MP3 player for important/critical task.

microSD card for MP3 Player

Power Bank

This is the portable charger you can bring along with you, to re-charge your favorite MP3 Player when in need of power juice. Very important features that you need to know, the power bank must have protection against short circuit, over charging, over temperature, over current and over discharging. There are many instances’ device exploded due to battery faculty issue. Therefore, beware of these safety features when choosing a power bank.

Power Bank for MP3 Player


The casing can be used to protect the MP3 player from damaged, scratches, etc. You may also put other things into the same case, together with the MP3 player for you to carry around easily. Things like your coin, money note, smartphone, etc can consolidate in a single casing.

Casing for MP3 Player

Where To Buy Your MP3 Player Accessories

You can buy those accessories from popular e-commerce sites which also sell MP3 players. Typical marketplaces are

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Lazada
    • Walmart
    • Local stores

    Click Here To Go Amazon Store

    How To Check These Sellers Are Reliable

    Before you make the purchase, you may want to check the accessories’ review done by other people on the internet. It is always beneficial for you to learn additional knowledge from others. The pro and con of each accessory will help you in making a better purchase decision.

    • Online Reviews about these sellers
    • Reputation on the internet
    • Number of years on the market

    Time To Buy Your MP3 Player Accessories

    With the popularity of e-commerce spreading around the globe, there is no shortage of place/location to buy any product you need. Consumers are spoil with choice and competition help to lower the price of products/services in all industries.

    • More choices
    • Price reduction
    • Improved version

    Ready to make your first purchase of a MP3 player accessory? or wish to purchase additional accessory to compliment with your MP3 Player? It is time for you to shop online, check out your favorite accessory which you wish to get.


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  • These are all cool accessories and they all seem like good options:-). I can’t stress how important memory cards are for your devices, they are like the brain of the entire thing. This is going to help a lot of people who are confused about the things they can use with their mp3 player to make it better

    • Dear Josh Ellery, Yes you are definitely right on the importance of memory card. It allows user to store their love songs on the MP3 players and bring with them along. Thank you for dropping by at my site. For lover of MP3 players, they will be able to check out more at Amazon store for the products they are in love. 

  • The products that you’ve described here are probably the most essential items that you should get to boost up your mp3 experience and live it to the fullest. I can’t imagine enjoying my mp3 without headphones.

    Especially a speaker is essential to enjoy the music in doors to the fullest. SD cards are pretty popular too.

    • Yes, I am going to write a review on memory card, specifically use in MP3 players. With all the accessories, we can enjoy our favorite music with wonderful feeling. Time to get on Amazon website and search for our loving products.

  • I am gladly to agree with you because MP3 is definitely a good accessory mainly for music and yes it helps for when you are going to gym, travelling and reminiscing or in anything you are doing in life.

    Moreover is got choices of using it with speakers or headphones which basically means privately or publicly useable.

    • Good to hear that you like to listen music on a MP3 player. There are various options of accessories which can be connected to the MP3 player, allowing you to have more features and varieties in entertainment. Feel free to visit those Amazon websites I have listed above and get the one you love to have. A good MP3 player accessory review will provide additional insight to the right consumers.

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