Floatless Level Switch Review

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To manage the water supply efficiently, most of the buildings will install water tanks at the ground level as well as the rooftop.

In addition, using Floatless Level Switch to control the water supply at the water tank has become the standard solution for water supply. In this article, we present to you what are the available Floatless Level Switch currently in the market you can consider.

Omron Floatless Level Switch – The Overview & Rankings

Company Name: Omron

Website URL:   http://www.ia.omron.com/products/family/244/

Years in Business: Switches Products was developed since 1960

Product Effectiveness: Excellent in Water Supply Control Application

Support: Good

Price: Above average

Our Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10

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Floatless Basic Level Controller – Overview

There are 3 main components required to control the water level in a watertank: a Level Controller, an Electrode Holder and Electrodes.

Level Controller – Depending on the application require, there are different types for you to consider, ranging from G1 to G4. All these types allow automatic water supply to be activated.

Electrode Holder – Selection of the holder will depend on the environment of the watertank and the installation environment. Typically there are 3 different models (PS-3S, PS-4S, PS-5S) to consider.

Electrodes – 3 types of Electroes are available (standard, underwater and Electrode bands). F03-01 and F03-06 are 2 models widely used in water supply control at watertank.

Different Brands of Floatless Level Switch

Below are the major brands of Floatless Level Switch in the market, and Omron is the best brand you should consider:

  • Omron
  • Camsco Electric
  • ANLY Electronics

Omron is a Japanese brand which has been providing  the Floatless Level Switch for long times. The 2 models which we used currently in our watertank control panel are 61F-G3 and 61F-G4. Three relay units (U1, U2 and U3) are used in 61F-G3 controller, whereas four relay units (U1, U2, U3 and U4) are deployed in 61F-G4.


Camsco Electric is a Taiwanese brand established in 1979. The highest model which Camsco Electric offering is only at 61F-G2 Floatless Level Switch. If your watertank is a simplified model, you may consider to use  this Taiwanese brand which offer much competitive pricing.

Hanyoung Nux is a Korean brand headquartered in Seoul. The popular models FS-3 and FS-3A, are recommended for water level control in water tank. Both models offer compact size and simple installation, and the operating state is indicated by the LED.

ANLY Electronics was founded on January 8th, 1971 in Taiwan. It has several international patents, CE certifications, UL and C-UL recognitions.  ANLY Electronics was rewarded with ISO 9001:2000 in 2002.

What is Floatless Level Switch?

Traditional water level switch uses float to detect the level of the water, just like our toilet flushing system. Floatless Level Switch uses electrodes to detect the water level. The controller is then signal automatically to operate the pump, and bring the water to the receiving watetank.

Application of Floatless Level Switch

Typical application of Floatless Level Switch can be used to control the water supply at the ground level transfer tank, as well as rooftop watertanks. Our estate has been using the OMRON Floatless Level Controller since 1997. From 2019 to 1997, it has been 22 years from the time the water tanks was constructed and the control panel installed with the controllers.


Water Supply Control using Floatless Level Switch

Using Floatless Level Switch can help to control the water supply effectively. The level switch will detect the level of water in the water tank and provide the signal to the relevant relays and contactor at the control panel.

The sensing of the water level is done by the electrodes installed inside the water tank. The circuit is closed when sufficient water is present, allowing the electricity to flow through.


Pump Control with Contactor and Relay Unit

The contactor is connected to the pump and it control when the pump will be activated. Contactor can handle larger current and more complex control functionality.

There are 2 types of contactors: NO Normally Open contactor and it will close when the switch is activated; and the other type of contactor is NC Normally Closed contactor and it will open when the switch is activated.


Omron brand has been in the market for many years, and being a Japanese brand help in maintaining a high standard of quality in consumer mind. OMRON brand name is well recognized for its industrial automation devices, you will never go wrong by choosing this brand for your application.

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