Buy Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Sony Audio products have always been rated highly in the market for many years, especially their Headphones. The XB950B1 Wireless Headphone is one of the best selling Sony headphones introduced recently. There are 3 colors option you can consider for the B1 model: Black, Blue and Red catering to each one preference color choice.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Over-Ear Headphones



Extra Bass feature of XB950B1 You Want It

  • good thumping bass
  • boost low frequencies for a solid sound quality
  • frequency response reduces higher frequencies providing bass frequencies for you to enjoy

Technical Specification of Sony XB950B1 Headphone

  • high quality wireless audio with bluetooth and NFC
  • using Sony Connect App for your customized sound setting
  • built-in mic allow you to take hands-free calls
  • provide 18 hours of listening through Bluetooth 4.1
  • 1.2m headphone cable with 3.5mm jack
  • USB charging cable
  • approximate 4 hour of charging time
  • over-the-ear headphone
  • weight 280g
  • work with your mobile phone to leverage the full performance

Video Showing Product of Sony XB950B1

Enjoy the video clip below

Where To Buy Your Sony XB950B1

Amazon is having promotion for this Sony Wireless Headphone, about 25% cheaper than usual price. Just click below banner and we will bring you a new headphone on the way to your home. Price range from $105.33 to $178, depending on the color you buy.

Click below Amazon Banner to go Amazon Online for purchase

It is always good to check on other place to see which site offering you the best deal. You can click here to go ebay to get your Sony XB950B1 too. The price is better than Amazon, some even selling at $69.99 only. You must really check it out.

10 Top Best Customer Reviews

  • better than Beats Studio by Rafael Nieves
  • great sound by JP
  • feeling the Bass by My Old KY Home
  • really impressive bass without sacrificing the higher tones by Nonspecificgirl
  • headphone is great and excellent sound quality by Dan The Hammer
  • great for gym rats by Madeline
  • 5 stars! Great product by Amazon customer
  • pretty good bass, long lasting charging by Amit
  • amazing headphone even if you suffer with hot ear syndrome by Roper
  • heavy hitting bass bluetooth headphone by Nha si Bac si


Sony brand has the reputation of high quality and excellent sound performance. These are the important points when making a decision to buy a wireless headphone for your music enjoyment. This wireless over-the-ear Bluetooth Headphone is very comfortable to wear. We strongly recommend you to get one for this year 2018 as the right tool to accompany with you, always.


Comments 6

  • Sony’s headphone is always of top quality. I used to own a Sony headphone and it lasted for very long.

    I have SonicGear Airphone 300L now but the sound quality is nothing like the Sony XB950B1 which I tested in the mall that day. The sound quality is extraordinary.

    However, because it is over-ear headphone, the design is a bit bulky, so that is the only trade off right there.

    • Yes, Sony products are always good quality and well design. You have chosen the right headphone for yourself. Comparing over-the-ear headphone and in-ear headphone, both have their pros and cons. I have both types with me and depending on the usage I will chose the right one to use. For running, I like in-ear headphone as it is light and convenient to carry along. For good sound quality, I use over-the-ear headphone when at home listening to my favorite music. Sony XB950B1 give me the experience I enjoy and make my day after a day of hard work. 

  • I use my headphones when I’m power-walking, so I actually love a good, thumping base to help me keep going! So, I’m diggin’ the extra base feature! I also appreciate the 18 hours of listening time on a 4 hour charge. These headphones are definitely contenders for my next purchase.

  • I use my headphones listening to audios from scriptures and sometimes gospel music, so I actually love a good, soft base to help me hear clearly.  I don’t like load sound in my ears. I will love to have the 18 hours of listening time on a 4 hour charge. Thank you for sharing, I will get some for my audio listening.

    • Hi Juma John Jongu,

      Sony has always come up with high quality and beautiful products in so many years. I personally love the Sony brand and has bought many of their products throughout my life journey. 

      Sony brand is well recognized in the world. With this extra bass wireless headphone with you, you are going to enjoy it with all your gospel music over your ear. 

      Get one at your favorite store, and the best place to look out for one is Amazon store.

      Thank you for your comment on my article on this Sony XB950B1 review and please share it with your friends as well.

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