How To Download Music To MP3 Player For Free

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After you bought your MP3 Player, the first thing you want to do is to find some free music which you can download. In this article, I would like to show you how to download music to an MP3 player for free. You may also purchase songs from your popular site like iTunes store.

Site For You To Convert Your File To MP3 Format

Most of the MP3 players accept MP3 audio format, which will use up smaller storage memory size. Therefore, it is advisable to convert your song into MP3 format before you transfer/copy the song over. One useful site we found for you is Online Audio Converter. Feel free to use it for the conversion.

Popular Site for MP3 Song Dowload

Many people never thought of getting their songs from YouTube. In fact, you can get a lot of nice song from it. What you need is, converting the file format into MP3 audio format and transfer the downloaded file to your MP3 Player.

Below is the song “One More Light” we downloaded from the YouTube and converted from video file to MP3 format for you to enjoy:

There are various well-known sites offering free music for download legally, but normally they will need you to sign-up for an account with them and provide your email contact. Some even allow you to sign-up using your Social account like Facebook for quicker registration.

Here are the sites you may want to explore:

Some of the free songs may come with advertisement while you are listening. If you want to have an ad-free experience, I suggest you upgrade to the paid version.

Do not download song from unfamiliar sites, they may ask you to install unknown software.

Legal and Copywrite Issues

In order to protect the song owner or producer of their efforts and artwork, some of the songs are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. Some websites claim that they have the software to remove the DRM, beware of them as these websites are mostly adware and often packed with unwanted program for you to download.

For website offering free download, they may indicate under Creative Commons license for publicly licensed.

Converting Protected Audio File to MP3 format

Most of the older songs will come with DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect un-authorized copy of the music song. If you have a new MP3 player and you have purchased those songs, you may be very frustrated of not being able to play those songs on your MP3 player. Fear not, we have found a solution for you on the internet. WikiHow has an article well written for you, teaching you How To Convert Protected Audio File Into MP3 Format.

In that article, it mentioned 3 methods for you to do the conversion. Depending on whether the music format is iTune protected, Windows Media Player protected or any other music protected with Audacity. Based on which method, you follow the recommended process by WikiHow and convert your favorite song into MP3 format.

Customization and Editing

Depending on your original music song format, if it is lossless format like Apple Lossless the quality of the audio usually is very good and high. It is uncompressed and consume alot of storage memory space on your MP3 player. To save storage space on the MP3 player, most songs are recorded into MP3 format, thus the audio quality become weaker but still play well.

For those with additional spare cash, they may wish to get MP3 player with large storage size. This kind of MP3 players may cost more than $500, or even $1,000 to own it.

Use iTunes For Your MP3 Player

Many people do not know that they can use iTunes for most of the MP3 players, even your product is not from Apple. We suggest you install iTunes on your computer now and start using it for all your music application. It is a powerful software for music lovers to use.

Start Enjoying Your Music

We hope this article help you to get some free song to download on your MP3 player. If you simply just want to have some songs to accompany you while traveling on car, buses, taxi or airplane, our suggestion here will help you save some money and perhaps allow you to purchase those songs which you wish to own.


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