Virtual Reality Headsets Review – You Must Know

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As the technology for smartphones getting more mature, it is getting harder for phone companies to come up with innovative idea to draw consumers buying their new smartphones. Many tech companies are turning to Virtual Reality technologies, searching for new product ideas to win customers. We wish to perform our Virtual Reality Headsets Review here, to identify the next break through product in the market.

The reason why Smartphone get into consumer hands so fast and popular, it is because Smartphone really meet all their needs. When the product has all the features and functions you require to use every moment, all day long, you are going to love it and will find ways to purchase it. This happens when Apple introduce their iPhone and iPad in the market.

Apple iPhone Apple iPAD

Currently most of the VR headsets need to work with a computer-generated environment and we believe this is one of the reason preventing consumers from using it. It is not mobile friendly to any user who want to bring it anywhere they want to go. Even with the drop in pricing from all the VR manufacturers, we do not think consumers will feel a desire to get it. For those who want to enjoy VR reality game, they are likely to visit arcade at shopping malls and pay a price of about US$15 per hour for the usage.

Tech companies Facebook, Google, Samsung, and many other small players continue to spend huge amount of money in developing all kinds of devices, software applications, game content, resource tools, video display set. Ultimately, all these efforts are aiming to be the first company coming up an innovative and hot product which consumer will love it.

Virtual Reality Headsets Reviews

Virtual Reality technology evolves from a combination of other technologies like 3D display, motion monitoring system, input interface engineering, software coding tool, etc. Engineers are getting more experience and knowledgeable integrating all these technologies into one single device. With the arrival of Virtual Reality Headset, we can virtually transport ourselves to another location, the feeling of moving from one place to another.

The feeling is like real and you feel excited about it. The technology actually trick your mind, fooling the cortex and part of our brain assuming we have been transported to another location. It creates an illusion in our mind and this is one application which engineers are exploring for the next product/service to offer in the market.

Is Reality an illusion

Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Many people are confused with the term VR and AR and do not know the difference. With the confusion, it will be difficult for people to visualize the application suitable for its usage.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the enhancement of the reality by adding digital information on top of the original image. It is commonly being used in the apps of smartphones and tablets. AR technology uses the camera of the smartphone or tablet, showing you the real world at the front of the camera, and add another layer of digital information (be it text or image) on top of it. One popular apps is the Pokemon Go.

Below is the video showing how Augmented Reality (AR) being used in apps:

For Virtual Reality (VR), it makes use of computer technology to create a simulated environment, make you think that you are in that virtual environment. When you are viewing the VR, the scene in front of you is totally different. In fact, you are viewing into a display unit (a Head-mounted Display).

Video below showing an application wearing a VR Headset:

Some scientists are exploring Virtual Reality technology to help improve our brain power. There are plenty of opportunities for businesses to tap on, regardless in the education sector, medical field, or entertainment industry. Currently Virtual Reality Headset is mature enough for businesses to make profit into a gaming device. Below are some common types of VR headsets we will be reviewing on:

Oculus Rift (developed by Facebook)

Competitive Advantages:

  • retail price has dropped from US$599 to US$399
  • one of the best virtual reality headsets in the market
  • include 2 motion controllers (or touch controllers)
  • large library of games and apps (> 500 games)
  • can attach earphone to increase immersion factor


  • need placing the 2 motion sensors in front of you
  • not able to turnaround for quick movement

Vive (developed by HTC)

Competitive Advantages:

  • come with 2 motion controllers
  • retail price has dropped from US$799 to US$499
  • allow room scale tracking (able to walk around a space 4.5×4.5m big)
  • headset display unit contains 2x1080p screens (a crisp image)
  • has innovative accessories like Vive Tracker, TPCast, Deluxe Audio Strap


  • only has about 375 games and apps
  • lack built-in audio
  • need to work with a PC running (recommend having a gaming PC at US$999)

PlayStation VR (developed by Sony)

Competitive Advantages:

  • refresh rate is nice and responsive
  • support of VR games is impressive
  • can bundle with PlayStation camera
  • retailing at US$209


  • need a PS4 console to run
  • PlayStation Move controller is not included

Samsung Gear VR

Competitive Advantages:

  • respectable smartphone
  • come with a motion controller
  • USB-C connector connecting to Samsung Galaxy phone
  • can use voice to launch apps
  • has >600 titles in Oculus store
  • retail at US$89.98


  • need to rely on Phone capability
  • require an Android smartphone to use

Pansonite 3D VR Glasses

Competitive Advantages:

  • support android an iPhone
  • has integrated earbuds
  • work with most Google cardboard apps
  • can support AR apps
  • price only <US$50 on Amazon
  • built-in headphone with an aux input


  • limited functions and features
  • adoption rate is weak in the market

Mirage Solo (developed by Google + Lenovo)

Competitive Advantages:

  • independent of smartphone and PC
  • retail at US$399
  • can add a Mirage Camera to capture stills image and video in 180degree and view in the headset
  • having integrated camera and sensors in the faceplate and Lenovo’s WorldSense Motion tracking technology
  • allow wearer to mirror what’s happening at headset to a compatible TV using Google’s Chromecast
  • expandable microSD cardslot
  • excellent battery life
  • use Google’s daydream library of >350 games and apps


  • bulky and heavy
  • only 6 degree of freedom motion tracking (allow limited movement in VR)
  • image quality is poorer than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • lacks built-in speaker and microphone

Oculus Go (developed by Facebook)

Competitive Advantages:

  • standalone headset and do not require a smartphone or PC
  • retail at US$199 (for 32GB) or US$249 (for 64GB)
  • content library > 1000 apps, games, movies
  • compatible with Samsung Gear VR
  • come with storage option of 32GB or 64GB
  • 5.5″ 2560×1440 WQHD fast-switch LCD display (better than Rift & Vive)


  • sits heavily on the face
  • light leaks through the bottom
  • only 2 hour of gaming on a full-charge

Vive Pro (developed by HTC)

Competitive Advantages:

  • retail at US$799
  • better screen resolution than Vive with 78% increase in dots per inch – sharper image
  • built-in audio
  • allow experience of texture and shadows
  • have the noise guard to block out light


  • difficult to setup
  • headphone can crackle
  • need to buy controller and sensor separately

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive

Here is a video showing the differences between the 3 popular VR headsets you can consider to buy from Amazon store.


Technology is ever-changing and its impact has big consequences in our daily life. Depending on the creator, its purpose and intention need to be ethical and legal for the world to accept its presence in our daily life. With new technology bring our life to a new dimension, it is time to explore the new horizon by using one of the Virtual Reality Headset in your life now.

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  • My brother suggested Oculus Rift before and he also said that it is the best which he has experienced. I also like the looks of it. However I have a question. I wonder whether I should check out the brand of motion sensors or not. I am basically asking is that are all of them compatible with Oculus Rift or not.

    • Hi Furkan, Glad that your brother has good experience in using Oculus Rift. It is indeed a very good VR headset among the few models I suggested here. As regard to the sensor, there is limited information currently on the type of sensor which can work with Oculus Rift. Oculus prefer gamer to use the sensor made by Oculus, with the right USB driver on the PC. When I come across any compatibility study, will put that up on this site. 

  • Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for making and sharing this very explanative article detailing virtual reality sets with us all, it is absolutely appreciated.

    I gotta say I am fascinated by the potential of VR and AR particularly in the areas of education and mental health, such devices really could be outstanding educational resources, Imagine a primary school class studying geography and the kids all of a sudden dawn VR sets and are taken on a trip to Africa to see the wild animals as an example..or in mental health as I mentioned aiding those with chronic stress to relax to revisit things that help to bring joyful experiences and memories to them.

    • Dear Derek,

      Wow…your quoted examples for education and mental health education are really cool application. These are areas we believe will get people excited and lead to advanced in our society. Wish this VR headsets review we want more people to explore the powerful potential of this trending technology.

  • Great post about VR headsets. VR is definitely the future and I’m fascinated by what it offers to people at the moment.

    The BEST VR headsets until now, in my opinion, is HTC Vive. It has the same quality with Oculus Rift, but it’s developed together with Valve and that’s why supports more games in Steam.

    • Good choice for you, Tyler. Vive headset has a cool factor which most gamer love it, whenever they get their games from Steam. Valve is the pioneer in VR technologies and the company collaborate with HTC, allowing gamer like us enjoying the latest entertainment system which continue to evolve. Wishing more people to have their dream VR headset this year.

  • Thanks for doing a detailed write-up on different VR headset models.

    Most of the time you hear about the Oculus and Playstation VR, but the other headsets are not as “mainstream” to the common public.

    Additionally, VR has so many applications. We already have entertainment, but engineering, medicine, and education could benefit a lot from VR technology.

    • Yes, majority of the applications currently revolve around gaming and I believe within the next 2 years other segments will see the adoption of VR technology in their respective industry. 

      VR technology is going to help us in many ways and I expect it will impact our lifestyle, as well as the way we work and communicate with others. Based on eCommerce data, more consumers are purchasing VR headsets since 2017 and this year 2018 have even great increase in the demand. Amazon online store is the most popular site where people shop for their favorite VR headset.  

  • Wow, that is pretty amazing. I love the idea behind Augmented Reality. This is still so new, I wonder how fast it will take off. Do you think that it will be expensive in its beginning stages?

    The VR Playstation and the Samsun Gear look really cool. I have never tried anything like that, but it must feel awesome to be in a virtual reality. Is it not too tiring on the eyes having this on and staring at the screen for a long time? When I was watching the videos, I had a sudden idea of using this for history classes. I am a history teacher, and the students would love it if we could place them in a virtual reality in a historical setting, or an augmented reality (when that is ready). It would learning more fun 🙂

    • Hi Christine,

      Nice to have you comment here.

      With more manufacturers coming into this field, the AR devices will likely evolve and the pricing should become much more affordable for most of us. Me too looking forward to have the price lower!

      There are companies like Nreal, Microsoft, Magic Leap coming up with lighter ARs to meet the demand of consumers. We will see them soon in the market. With advancement and improvement, users of AR devices will have a better experience. 

      As a history teacher, it will be fun and educational to put your history lessons on the AR set. Perhaps you can start exploring this niche market and may lead you to a new business venture. Good niche in fact. 

      Many of our thoughts initiate from my mind. With AR technology, I believe the way we perceive the world and life will become very different in the next century. It is going to be a whole new world with AR and VR technologies around us.

  • This is a very well done article! Intriguing, insightful, and very helpful! The hook gives some very good context in a way that is fun to read, and perfectly links to the very clear and very to-the-point mini-reviews of the various choices of VR headsets.

    This site is a lot more well-rounded compared to my brand new site, and since I’m brand new to this entire world of websites, I can’t really give any constructive criticism. I think you could add some banner ads on the right side towards the lower half of the article, because the right feels a little empty, but that’s really it for me.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, it’s very helpful and interesting in this ever-evolving world of technology!

    • Hi Tuna Nut,

      Glad that you like those VR headsets listed on this page. Feel free to check them out at the Amazon webstore and look at their features. These are the technological products going to be used widely in the years to come. 

      With technology evolving every year, I expect newer version will be introducing beyond 2020 and all of us can enjoy the Virtual Reality the manufacturers going to share with us. 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you continue to check on this site. 

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