Best MP3 Players Reviews – Before You Buy It Here

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With the introduction of iphone by Apple, many smartphones have incorporated music playing capabilities in the phone itself. The demand for purely MP3 player has diminished drastically for the past few years.

But, with the drop in pricing for new generation of MP3 players in the market, the demand for MP3 players are slowly coming back again. It is time for you to consider getting a new MP3 player.

Before buying, perhaps you would like to look at, what are the Best MP3 Players Reviews articles written by others on the internet.

We have reviewed most of them and would like to give our personal opinion, on some of the best MP3 players that are affordable you can consider. These are the best budget MP3 player you can consider. It is always good to do some comparison before making your purchase decision. One important criteria we feel, to get a MP3 Player on top of your smartphone, the price of the MP3 player cannot be too high. Best pricing for a MP3 Player shoud be less than $100, otherwise there is no necessity to get it since you can also listen music on your smartphone.

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There are many types of   <- click here to eBay ) in the market, ranging from very high-end, sophisticated model to simply basic and cheap model, it is difficult to cover all of them. Our focus on the reviews here will center on those models near to the price point of $100, more affordable for larger consumer groups. There will always be a market for different individual with different preference.

Importance Features a MP3 Player need to have

  • audio quality – depending on the format the audio signal has been recorded, the audio quality will vary. Common audio formats include MP3, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AAC, OGG. Best MP3 player sound quality will give you the good feel feeling when you listen to your favorite songs.
  • headphone – it can make a different to the performance and perception of the MP3 player, especially the sound quality.
  • battery life – it is advisable to have at least 15 hours of playing hour, since you are likely to bring it outside your home or office. Thereafter, you can re-charge your MP3 player at home.
  • FM radio – with this feature you can listen to radio channels about news, events on the MP3 player as well.
  • weight – if it is too bulky will be troublesome to carry around and too heavy for sport like running. Best MP3 player for running should be light weight.
  • display screen – with this feature you can view and select the song you want with ease. You can see the title of the song and the artist name.
  • choices of color – some people have their preference color. Therefore some brand introduce color variation like black, silver, gold, green, red, etc to meet individual preference.
  • storage memory size – basic model only provide 2GB storage space, with high-end model come with 16GB and allow external micro-SD card expansion up to 256GB. Typically 4GB space allow you to store up to 1,000 song on the MP3 player.
  • pricing – depending on your budget, you can buy one with a lot of advanced features and functions or just the basic features. Some of the budget friendly MP3 players cost less than $10, with advanced models costing more than $300.
  • support different languages – if you wish to offer the MP3 player as gift for friend or customer in another country with different language, this option will be good to have.
  • Bluetooth capability –  this feature allow you to connect wirelessly with external speaker or headphone with Bluetooth function or even car system.
  • USB connection – this allows you to easily tranfer song from the PC to the MP3 Player

More on MP3 Player

Future Trending in a MP3 Player

  • light weight and small size
  • able to play audiobook on the MP3 player – this will require the device to play Audible or Overdrive format
  • waterproof
  • with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for easy internet download of music. It has become a standard for MP3 Player Bluetooth incorporate in one device.
  • recording capability like own singing song or self-created music
  • podcasting

Where To Buy Your The Best MP3 Players

Depending on your personal preference and need, you can go online to purchase your products or visit your local stores to have a chat with your local store owners. Both have its pro and con which you like the most. Below are my preferences to buy online.

  • eBay (well established) <-Click here to go eBay– consider one of the leading eCommerce company in the world with wide variety of products for you to choose and purchase.
  • Lazada (in South-East Asia countries) – bought by Alibaba and are very aggressive promoting in these countries.
  • Your Local Stores – you may like their local services and friendly staffs who you are familiar with.

Which brand of MP3 player should I choose

Brands You May Consider

If you check on the internet, there are so many brands of MP3 players in the market and it may become overwhelming for you. Since MP3 player has internal battery inside, it may be wiser to select and buy from those makers that are reliable and reputable in the market for a while.

  • Apple – their popular iPod music players are famous among music lovers.
  • AGPtek – this brand is rather new in the market but has been getting popular with its strong promotion in the market.  The price is very attractive with some only cost $30.
  • SanDisk – famous for its memory card and recently become very aggressive in their MP3 players promotion. With its own memory inside, we believe SanDisk will have pricing advantage compare with other makers.
  • Sony – Japanese makers are recognized as reliable makers in the market, especially this brand which famous for its Walkman models. You will feel comfortable when you purchase its products.

Models we have researched for you

Sony Sports 4GB MP3 Player NW-WS413

This sporty wearble MP3 player is very good for runners and swimmers. It is waterproof when go under salt and fresh water up to 2m. It is also sweat resistant for tough training environment. The ambient noise function will not isolate you from the world around you, while you are enjoying your music.

Click below picture to see moreSony NW-WS413

Sony NWE394 8GB Walkman

This model is currently selling $56.99 at Amazon and it offer 2 colors (black and red). According to website, it has 35 hours of audio playback. You can down audiobook from overdrive. Sound quality is good when turn on the bass boost.

More can be found when click the pictureSony NWE394

SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player

This sport model from SanDisk is selling $29.95 at eBay and has many colors option for you to choose (black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, lime, pink). It is designed for the athletes and fitness lovers due to its sporty design.

Click picture to see more at AmazonSandisk clip sport 8GB

SanDisk Clip Jam

This MP3 player come with 8GB storage internal memory and has 4 different colors (black, green, blue, orange) for you to choose. On Amazon website it is stated as #1 best seller now and has more than 4,000 customer reviews. Currently selling at $29.99 as of this writing. Sound quality is good based on various customers comments we saw on Amazon website. It is light weight, small and come with a clip easy for those runners.

Click picture to see the offerSandisk clip jam



AGPTEK A20 8GB Sound Music Player

Work well inside your car via the AUX port (get your additional male to male AUX cable to connect). Has 8GB internal memory for you to store 2,000 songs and support external microSD card up to 64GB. Now selling $27.99 at Amazon for promotion.

Click picture to see more info

We like Sony products. Sony MP3 player was very popular with their Walkman’s audio products and the company has very good reputation in term of product quality and reliability. Design of Sony products are also trendy with good design, different colors option to choose, sporty look, high quality feel. 

After getting your favourite MP3 player, you may want to download some songs on it and start enjoying your music on the go. Visit our article How To Download Music To MP3 Player For Free.

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  • Hi, thank you for review,
    I was looking for an MP3 player that I could use in my car. I like the way you recommend the APGtEK A20 8GB Sound Music Player. This one looks pretty smart and 2000 songs is more than enough for a long journey. I also like the SanDisk Clip Jam for running, currently i run with my chunky phone in my hand. They are both really good value as well. I like the earphones on the scandisk ones.
    I have looked on Amazon and they get great reviews as well.
    Thanks for this buddy!

    • Dear Freddy, Thank you for the comment. These 2 models will definitely fit your needs, especially go with your running. Amazon has wide range of other associated products that compliment well with the MP3 player, once you visit the store, you are going to love it more. With the price of MP3 player going south, many of us have the luxury to own one or more. Enjoy your shopping at Amazon with wide choices.

  • Hi there,

    Got to say I was rather surprised when you said MP3 players had dropped in popularity since the invention of the smart phone. One very reason as to why I still use both is that I don’t want to drain my Iphone battery, thus an Ipod mini is kinda required, besides thanks to Itunes all my devices can easily synched (if I want to!), brings me to another point…I save my phones memory by using my Ipod!.

    • Thank you Derek for dropping by on my site. In term of worldwide demand, MP3 players indeed has seen its glory days disappeared. I used to sell MP3 players in large volume in 2005~2006, before smart phone came on board. Of course the demand of MP3 players still exist, thus I wrote this article to encourage more people to buy as another gadget on top of their smart phone. Feel free to consider another player for your usage. 

  • Hi there
    I didn’t think about what mp3 player need to have before I read your article like the Importance Features you write about I thought mp3 where mp3 only a player

    • Hi Salomon,

      Glad you are getting useful knowledge from my post about the Best MP3 Players reviews which I have written. One particular trend I see more manufacturers adding inside their MP3 players, is the flash memory storage size. With the pricing of memory chip getting cheaper and new technology advancement, higher storage size is incorporating inside the device.

      This is going to be the good news for music lovers as more songs will be able to stored and bring along with you. With more memory comes with extra information providing in the device, for example title of the song, history of song, different language option for selection (or even play the song in another language). This will widen the capability of the MP3 player and entice consumers to buy more unit.

      Feel free to visit Amazon Online store to check out more MP3 players on offer. There are plenty of choices for music lovers.

  • This is a timely article – I have just received an Amazon gift card for $25 and I’m looking to update my Mp3 player that I use for running every morning. 

    The only real drawback I have is which of these players is best for sports? Which one has the most durable buttons, as my last player was touch screen and I was continually switching songs by accident as I was running?

    • Hi Chris,

      Glad you have the Amazon gift card to utilize for your online business.

      For sport usage, it is good to choose one with lightweight and small compact in size. I run often therefore I listen to music while running. Having long lasting battery life will allow you to continue your music enjoyment for plenty of hours. 

      You may visit those models which I recommended here by going to the online market place at Amazon or eBay website.

      Wish you find the right MP3 player to purchase.

  • Its funny I should stumble upon this article.  I am a very huge music fan.  Anytime I can have budds in my ears with my music on I do.  I have been thinking about options so I dont use up my phone just for music.  I am going to take a closer look but this looks like something I absolutely could use.  Thanks for supplying us with such great information.

    • Hi Dale,

      For music lover like you, MP3 player is the best gadget you can bring along and I have written this article to help you identify which brand you can consider.

      Feel free to review those MP3 players which I recommended here and go Amazon online or eBay website to purchase your favorite player.

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