Best Bluetooth MP3 Player For Running

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For keen runners, you may want to listen music while running. This is the time which you want to consider the best bluetooth MP3 player for running. But, there are so many types and models on the market, you may wonder which one you should buy.

Why need Bluetooth on the MP3 Player

By using a MP3 Player with Bluetooth feature, you can stream your music to the headphone wirelessly. This will prevent those dangling headphone wire from swaying loosely. You present a stylish outlook to others while you are running with a Bluetooth MP3 Player.

In order to keep your Bluetooth headphone operate a long life span, it is advisable to charge it often after the battery go flat. If the device is left for unused for a long period of time, the internal battery inside may become faculty.

What to bring along for running

When going out for running, you would prefer to carry minimum things with you and stay light weight. If unavoidable, you would want the device to be small and light. Carrying a MP3 player is much easy and lighter than a smartphone, especially new models launching with much bigger screen size.

Some MP3 player can play up to 70 hours of music on a single charge, allowing you to listen music non-stop while enjoying your run. You will save on the need to carry a powerbank with you to charge your smartphone, if you use it to listen music.

Things to consider while running

For easy manage, you may prefer the MP3 player to be clickable to your cloth while running. There are various models in the market come with this clip’s feature, one of them is the SanDisk clip Sport MP3 Player.

Different Types of Bluetooth MP3 Players

Bluetooth has become a standard for most of the electronics devices, ranging from smartphone, MP3 Player, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset. How do you decide which types of Bluetooth MP3 player to buy? The power consumption of the Bluetooth module within the player, as well as the frequency being used.

Best One We Recommend

Sony has been in the consumer electronics market for many years and have accumulated a dozen of knowledge and experiences in designing the right music players to most of us. It is our preference to go for Sony brand, with their reputation and stylish design on all the models.

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